Outdoor Patio Cover

Houston Patio Cover

At Houston Patio Cover we do not stop at patio covers.  While we have experience installing hundreds of quality patio covers, we can do so much more.  The same attention to detail and level of skill that we put into patio cover installation can be applied to all your home remodeling projects.

This begins with room remodels.  We can do all the necessary work to remodel any room in your home.  You may need a little work done or you may need an entirely new room.  In fact, if you wish to build an extra story onto your home then we can even do that.  We can handle every aspect of home remodelling jobs to give you the rooms you desire.

While we can handle painting inside your home, we can complete exterior paint jobs too.  While we are at it we can offer siding services and roofing services to make the exterior of your home complete.  Our home remodeling abilities do not stop there.  We can also do concrete work and garage conversions.

We are so skilled and capable that we can build you your dream home form the ground up.  Whatever you need, we can do it in a timely professional manner.  If you want a remodeling job done then Houston Patio Cover can do it.